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Raphael Dörr
Raphael Dörr

Foreword to the Reader:
“Thank you very much for your interest in Change Management and Change Communications. On my blog I want to feature as well theoretical as practical examples that shall create a sum of knowledge and tools that can help anyone that is about to plan a Change Program or Initiative no matter if small, medium or large scale.

As being personally very passionate on Change Management and Change Communications while simultaneously looking back on several years of experience in this area, I started to think about the true factors that make Change successful and long lasting. To a certain extent, this is of course Project Management and Planning but the major part of any Change is a human one. Naturally, you will find several posts on Social Psychology and Educational Theory that can be used in the context of Change. Enjoy and be sure to comment.”

About the Author:
Raphael Dörr is a multisector communications expert with more than 15 years of professional experience in various areas of communication and a profound tenure on both agency and company side. He holds comprehensive knowledge in the areas of Corporate Communications and Change Management, Public and Investor Relations as well as Social and Digital Media.

Since 2012 Raphael Dörr is with Gigaset AG (former Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices GmbH), one of the worlds leading telecommunications companies. At Gigaset AG he is Senior Vice President of Global Corporate and Digital Strategy & Transformation.

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