Recommendations for Conflict Resolution – a Framework

Conflict is an inevitable part of organizational life, and the right degree and kind of conflict can be beneficial. If the pocesses that can make conflicts destructive are attended to, conflicts can either be minimized, resolved, or avoided. Self awareness and social awareness can make the difference between constructive and destructive conflict.

I myself negotiated within several conflic situations, acting as a mediator or moderator. From my personal point of view there is a strict set of guidelines one has to stick to if a conflict shall be resolved without desctructive consequences. I wrote down the most essential elements of my personal experience below…


  • Be honest with yourself about what is really at stake
  • Be open with others about your real needs and concerns
  • Don’t bluff or escalate
  • Look for opportunities to fins win-win solutions
  • Describe the possible costs and risks of continuing the conflict
  • Verify that the messages you are trying t send are the ones that are being received
  • Always keep reconciliation and resolution in mind
  • Challenge the position, not the person, and convey supportiveness and positive regard for the person
  • Frame things positively rather than negatively
  • Convey a commitment to mutually beneficial, superordinate goals
  • Allow others to save face
Conflict Resolution

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