Digital Change – How Social Media supports Change Management

If you have taken the the time and read my profile, you will have come upon the fact that I tend to include Social Media and Enterprise 2.0 tools and applications in the context of my consultancy work.

Since years Social Media Software (SMS) and platforms spread all over the planet, connect people and shift the speed of the communications and media business. By now I would even tend to state that “Social Media platforms start dominating communications” – for sure in a private area and also more and more in a business related context.

But still there is a lot of work to do. Only a very limited number of companies clearly commit to Social Media Software and openly deal with the 2.0 technologies. The vast majority of companies is still only burning cash, as they follow the “me-too-effect” and just try to be “social” somehow.
Being “social” only somehow causes three major problems:

  1. Your digital echo (as I call it) dies away in the online spheres
  2. You waste money for zero effect and support the existence of “shady” consultancies that probably advised you to “at least open up a Facebook account and buy some fans”
  3. You will never be able to align you employees and make them ambassadors for you company

I always try to open executives eyes for the immense potential that lies within Social Media and Enterprise 2.0. Of course it is a big challenge for companies to open up to Social Media Software and supporting them to successfully navigate their internal and external change programs is not that easy, but it pays off.

In a first step I would like to focus on the advantages of Social Media tools in the internal context. As most people that have dealt with Change one time will know, only 40 to 20 percent of the initiated change process do not turn out to be a flop (out of many reasons). Out of my personal experience Social Media Software can support both consultancies and companies to reduce time and labor, simultaneously creating a better change experience for employees – and by achieving this, companies better connect and communicate with their employees.

I’m coming up here with 10 clear advantages that can be established when using Social Media in the course of any change process. To manifest the different aspects, I subdivided the 10 points into three groups:


  • assessing the culture
  • assessing the change progress more regularly and effectively


  • sharing current practices through a blossoming network of knowledge
  • creating more engaging learning experiences for executives and employees
  • building a collaborative future for the organization


  • enhancing storytelling
  • establishing more effective two-way communication and dialogue-based experiences
  • creating a lasting idea generation
  • improving employee engagement and evolvement
  • pushing internal branding


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