Why a strong organizational Culture is a double-edged Sword

I am still dwelling on the subject of organizational culture. But I am confessed that it is important to be absolutely fine with the very basic elements of Change and Transformation. Therefore I would like to add another little piece here to underline why it is so important to start from the very bottom when it comes to Change…

As with everything, there are two sides to this very question. Strong culture is said to exist where staff responds to stimulus because of their alignment to organizational values. Often there are clearly defined norms and values, or even a common language and appearance of the members of the organization.

POSITIVE: Advantages of a strong organizational culture are a clear guideline for action, an effective communication and therefore fast decision making.

NEGATIVE: Where culture is strong – people do things because they believe it is the right thing to do.

MORE NEGATIVE: Furthermore there is the so called “group-think risk“. This is a state where people, even if they have different ideas, do not challenge organizational thinking, and therefore there is a reduced capacity for innovative thoughts. This could occur, for example, where there is heavy reliance on a central charismatic figure in the organization.

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