Your Checklist for Preparing Change

This is a quick one. After writing for some weeks on one and the same topic, I decided to do something quick and “easy” this week. I wanted to share a checklist on Change with you, or better said a checkist for preparing Change. I met so many situations where people, divisions or companies wanted to conduct a Change program but were absolutely not ready for it. With this short and easy checklist you are on the save side…

  1. Are all tiers of management genuinely bought into the Change initiative?
  2. Is there an accountability mechanism to ensure leadership decisiveness?
  3. Is the organization culturally ready for this Change?
  4. Do you have data to show that employees buy in to this Change?
  5. Are you relying on the same specialized subject matter expert for multiple corporate projects?
  6. Are all of your meetings and project check-ins necessary, productive, efficient and effective?
  7. Is your project adequately staffed and budgeted? Does the project plan identify risks and include plans for mitigation? Does the budget reflect contingencies?
  8. Is the project plan and sponsoring supportive of adapting the project’s schedule, protocols and meeting cycles as needed?
  9. Have you completed a thorough stakeholder analysis, focusing on both internal and external stakeholders?
  10. Is your contingency plan well thought out and documented?



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