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More than any other situation Change is about cooperation and collaboration. No matter if your company is in serious trouble or just wants to find a new way to line itself up – it always needs people to initiate, moderate, steer, coordinate and live that Change.

So what? The problem is that often people simply don´t know how to cooperate. Of course people cooperate on a daily base, but this is mostly routine, it´s like a form of vegetative state. Change causes different needs and different needs urges people to modify their behavior.

Over years I have collected several “Creativity Techniques” to support Cooperation between people – not only in times of Change. It is always better to be prepared than surprised…


What are Creativity Techniques?
Creativity techniques are heuristic methods to facilitate creativity in a person or a group of people. They are most often used in creative problem solving.

Generally, most creativity techniques use associations between the goal (or the problem), the current state (which may be an imperfect solution to the problem), and some stimulus (possibly selected randomly). There is an analogy between many creativity techniques and methods of evolutionary computation.

In problem-solving contexts, the random word creativity technique is perhaps the simplest such method. A person confronted with a problem is presented with a randomly generated word, in the hopes of a solution arising from any associations between the word and the problem. A random image, sound, or article can be used instead of a random word as a kind of creativity goad or provocation.

Place a piece of paper in Landscape mode (it can be A4 – but A3 or A2 is better). Split it into 6 boxes, and number them 1 to 6.

Where are you going
Relax, and imagine yourself at your goal. Think about the surroundings, the feelings at that point, the feelings of others, and how they see you. Freely draw an image to represent this in box 6 (bottom right corner)

Where are you now
Return to the present day in your imagination. Agin, think of feelings, issues and what are the most dominant features of your current situation. Draw this in Box 1 (top left)

Intermediate positions
Repeat the above for points 2,3,4,5 creating a sequence from now to the future.

Potential blocks
Once you have finished drawing in all 6 boxes, and are happy that they portray (to you) a sequence of events to your desired future, write in each box what is the main potential block getting from that step to the next.

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