The Five Literacies of Global Leadership

Reading is fun. But not every book is really worth reading it – especially when it comes to business books. Therefore I already started the “Book of the Week” Series, where I share comprehensive abstracts on my favourite books.

Now I want to start another series called: “Business Books” – featuring information on books in a more compact way. Today I would like to present you “The Five Literacies of Global Leadership”, Richard Hames (2007).

In The Five Literacies of Global Leadership, Richard David Hames has authored a manifesto focused on a group of people intent on creating better futures and how this group is accomplishing that goal. Readers learn about the five literacies of Networked Intelligence, Futuring, Deep Design, Strategic Navigation, and Brand Resonance. By utilizing these different mindsets and practices, today’s business leaders can deal more effectively with the pressures arising from globalization. Networked intelligence is critical to the understanding of business ecosystems.

It enables flexibility, speed of response, and adaptiveness, when those qualities are necessary to become and remain viable. Society’s current paradigms are incapable of resolving today’s most pressing concerns. For a better future, it is necessary to disrupt current ways of thinking and to put these prejudices aside. Strategic navigation teaches leaders to look for signs of emerging hot topics. It has the potential to engage everyone across an enterprise and within the business ecosystem. Deep design is a way of thinking about the way that leaders create and sustain relationships of all kinds. It is a new conceptual framework in which economic activity creates goods and services that generate ecological, social, and economic value.

Brand resonance is the idea of an individual or object absorbing and projecting more than just its own materiality. By engaging customers collaboratively, it is the most intelligent way of capturing attention and trust. The blurring of geographic boundaries demands an alternative belief system for leading. The future belongs to a five literacies leaders – people who can create and connect, who have compassion, who are story tellers and meaning makers.


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