Executive Stamina

Reading is fun. But not every book is really worth reading it – especially when it comes to business books. Therefore I already started the “Book of the Week” Series, where I share comprehensive abstracts on my favourite books.

Now I want to start another series called: “Business Books” – featuring information on books in a more compact way. Today I would like to present you “Executive Stamina”, by Marty and Joshua Seldman (2008).

The pressure of juggling demanding, complex, executive roles, personal priorities, and other obligations can have a significant impact on people. Most executives have an intense desire to achieve, along with a strong sense of responsibility, but sometimes they overlook the fact that raising endurance and energy levels strengthens cognitive performance.

Understanding that executives can devise strategies that value fitness, nutrition, and stress management as well as career effectiveness and personal values, positions them to achieve peak performance in a competitive, non-stop, working world. Knowing how to align career ambitions with core values and current priorities is not only imperative for sustained success, but it can create a career-enhancing work/life balance.

In Executive Stamina, authors Marty Seldman and Joshua Seldman examine the techniques, skills, and behaviors leading to sustainable and visible stamina that fit into the existing framework of the executives’ workday routine and an organization’s culture. A proper work/life balance includes core values, commitments, current priorities, and long-term goals. Reflecting on what matters most in life: values, priorities, goals, and relationships can help answer such questions as, “what is the best use of my time?” Priorities become clear when comparing an individual’s actual schedule with how time is really spent.

A significant part of building stamina is the ability to manage stress. When managed, stress builds strength intellectually, psychologically, and physically. Since it is not possible to eliminate all stress, it is essential to manage it effectively, and turn what may have been unpleasant into a situation that fosters personal growth and potential. Success in executive roles relies on stamina and discipline, in addition to intelligence, business acumen, and hard work. Maintaining Executive Stamina is achievable. Continual change is a given, and executives must always be willing to make improvements. With a focus on the important elements: fitness, stress avoidance, career mistakes, priority management, good nutrition, and identification of high-payoff activities, executives will find stamina to be not only realistic, but sustainable.


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