Book of the Week: The Nokia Method

In this Weeks edition of the “Book of the Week” I would like to present you “The Nokia Method”.

The Nokia Method is a book, written by Jean-Marc Göttert in 2002. It was published in the Manager Edtition by Ueberreuter Wirtschaft. The Nokia Method was quiet a hit, when it was published but reading the book though was not that satisfying for me.

There are some nice clues and things to learn, if you are interested in the history of Nokia. Reading this book you can surely talk about Nokia in another way. But the author claims to show the Nokia Method. Maybe I had wrong expectations, but the book doesn´t reveal a true Nokia Method. It is more like Nokia managers used “sanity and reason” and steered the company into the right direction. For me there is this aftertaste, that the book is likely to be a puff piece for Nokia than a depp insight piece of work with real new ideas and visions.

Due to Göttert there are ten central points that form the Nokia Method. It is nice to know them, as they surely are good points, that can be use on nearly every other global player, too:

  1. Focus on the essential
  2. Establish a strong leadership
  3. Act global
  4. Combine design and engineering
  5. Deliver in due time
  6. Preserve your origins, show your identity
  7. Invest into research and development
  8. Attain cult status
  9. Anchor ethic principles
  10. Raise the shareholder value

At least Göttert spends round about 4 pages in his 208 pages book to tell you how to adopt the Nokia Method succesfully. Again he offers some central and “groundbreaking” insights:

  1. Act focused
  2. Use your chances
  3. Create visions
  4. Fokus on the essential
  5. Fokus on growth markets
  6. Become famous
  7. Work as a team
  8. Decide and act
  9. Be bold but not careless
  10. Find the right timing
  11. Learn from your mistakes
  12. Seek the challenge
  13. Do not make empty promises

About the Author
Göttert, Jean-Marc (2002): Die Nokia Methode – Die 10 Erfolgsgeheimnisse des innovativsten Handy-Herstellers der Welt. Ueberreuter Wirtschaft (Manager Edition). ISBN: 3-7064-0755-8

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