Change Psychology: Compensation

recently wrote about building up a resource for Change knowledge here within this very Blog. Finally I got the time to deal with some basic psychological questions of Change. I am looking forward to be able to share those insights on “Change Psychology” with you, here.

When we believe other people perceive us in a negative way, we will deliberately act in a way to disconfirm this belief.

When you first meet people, you may fear that they find you unfriendly, so you act in a way that is more friendly than you usually are.

Using it
Infer to a person or otherwise let them know that they are considered greedy. Then ask them for something that will require them to act in a generous way.

Be yourself. Avoid getting railroaded by people who tell you that you are what you are not.

Psychology of Change (Picture source: article taken from
Psychology of Change (Picture source:
Original article taken from

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