Change Psychology: Attitude-Behavior Consistency

recently wrote about building up a resource for Change knowledge here within this very Blog. Finally I got the time to deal with some basic psychological questions of Change. I am looking forward to be able to share those insights on “Change Psychology” with you, here.

Our attitudes (predispositions to behavior) and actual behaviors are more likely to align if the following factors are true:

  • Our attitude and behavior are both constrained to very specific circumstances.
  • There have been many opportunities to express attitude through behavior.
  • We have a history of attitude-behavior consistency.
  • The attitudes are based on personal experience, rather than being copied from others.
  • The attitudes are proven by past experience.
  • There is no social desirability bias, where the presence of others will lead us into uncharacteristic behavior.
  • We are low in self-monitoring, so we do not distract
  • The attitude is strongly held and is around core beliefs.

Using it
If you want people to behave in a certain way, check out the above list before assuming their attitude will actually lead to the desired behavior.

Beware of causing confusion and sending mixed messages if you act outside of your visible attitudes.

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