The Basics of successful Compliance Management

As I told you in my very first post, I want to build this BLOG up to something like “the premier resource around Change Management and Change Communications“. Of course this is still a long way to go, but I have to start anywhere…

In order to build up the basics that everyone needs for successful Change work, I will push some posts that deal with very elementary topics such as Compliance, CSR, Corporate Governance and so forth.

If you like read them, otherwise regard them as the backbone of the BLOG, as I want to use them as back links for other posts…

Anyhow – have fun reading and thank you for your interest…

Basically effective compliance is driven by two elements:

  • a clear and simple set of rules and guidelines
  • employees and leaders who live a value based corporate culture

Several compliance problems don’t arise because of missing compliance rules, but because employees are not fully convinced or motivated and don’t really live the existing rules actively. Thus, internal communications with a strong focus on engagement play a significant role in motivating employees to live culture of integrity!

The role of internal communications:

  • internal communications regularly and thoroughly inform leaders and employees about compliance regulations and guidelines
  • internal communications engage leaders and employees to actively and responsibly live a value based culture and thus to achieve a company wide compliance execution
  • via various engagement activities and dialogue formats, internal communications enable employees to experience sensitive topics and deal with them directly, to they can understand and get convinced about the mechanics and benefits of compliance

I also did a small presentation. I included some basic models and visuals related to compliance.

Recommended reading pieces:

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