It’s the People: Why Change really fails!

During my years as a professional consultant, supporting Change and Transformation projects or any other kind of project management, I could gather great insight on the why and how of Change failing

I thought that maybe it would be of help to summarize the most  important facts here for you in a little list:

  1. Miscommunication
  2. Misunderstanding
  3. Lack of direction
  4. Peoples egos
  5. Personnel conflicts
  6. Confused requirements
  7. Lack of trust
  8. Lack of respect
  9. Lack of role clarity
  10. Lack of structures and methods
  11. Budget problems
  12. Lack of knowledge
  13. Messed up time-frame
  14. Lack of benefits
  15. Pure unwillingness to change

So better be aware of those “hurdles“…

2 thoughts on “It’s the People: Why Change really fails!

  1. Very interesting blog I must say. The you say are generally right, but I do not agree on everything you asume.
    I will back to see what else you have to say and what the reaction of other people on your blog is. Keep up the good work.


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