How to calculate your Company’s Social Media Score

Many companies want to get involved in Social Media. Some see the promise of building closer relationships with stakeholders, while others are excited about new marketing methods. But before doing so you should check on yourself critically. If you’re organization does not see the value or cannot imagine the value in engaging in these types of conversations and inviting your stakeholders in behind the PR and marketing veil, then perhaps you should wait or get some support.

To support you in making this decision, here is a score sheet that should help you determine your company’s current willingness for engaging in social media. All questions can be replied with a simple yes or no:

  1. Does your company reward entrepreneurial behavior from within the organization?
  2. Is you companies web publishing decentralized?
  3. Are current (or planned) Social Media initiatives supported by the CXO functions?
  4. Is your Intranet up to date (Enterprise 2.0 functions)?
  5. Is your staff briefed on Social Media (guidelines and netiquette)?
  6. Has your company prepare a Social Media crisis toolbox?
  7. Is your marcom team familiar with Social Media (specialist function)?
  8. Do you know your prospects? Who they are and where they are?
  9. s your content ready? Enough content and the right content?
  10. Is there a clear long-term commitment for Social Media in your company?
  11. Is your company already operating a corporate Blog?
  12. Is your company already operating a Twitter, YouTube or Facebook account?


  • Yes to 0-4 questions: Your organization is not ready. It may be that you just shouldn’t get involved with social media by now (or contact me in order to support you to get ready). Start reading relevant blogs and recommending them to peers within the company. Take the quiz again in a couple of months and see if you do better.
  • Yes to 5-8 questions: Your organization is ready to listen. Start by introducing your organization to what it’s all about. I can support you by offering some workshops on how to get started with Social Media.
  • Yes to 8-12 questions: You are probably more ready than most. If you have already done your “listening” program, then start brainstorming about how you can create a bridge to stakeholders in the social media space!
Do you think that you Business is ready to use Social Media? Ready to launch?

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