Hello world!

Hello everyone,

So this is how it all shall begin!
I am sitting in front of an empty page and try to point ou my intention for this BLOG…At this moment this BLOG is “just another BLOG”. Well, maybe the topic is at least a little unusual: Change Communication and Change Management. Maybe you are interested in this topic, either because beeing a communications consultant yourself or maybe you are part or owner of a company that is stuck within any process of “Change”. In both cases – at least this is my intention – you might find some interesting news and information on Change Communication and Change Management right here at this very BLOG.


But not so fast…
I would like to introduce myself at first. My name is Raphael Dörr, I am 31 years old and live and work in Munich, Germany. For more than 12 years I am working as a communications advisor, first independently, then withing various leading communications agencies and currently within the industry. Related to my work I focussed on Corporate and Change Communication. Since several years I am also dealing with Social Media and Enterprise 2.0 – eminently I like combining both topics and implement “Social” solutions within change processes.


Key areas of this BLOG.
As a consequence of the things told above I would like to focus on two topics witin this BLOG.

  1. Change Communication and Management
  2. Social Media and Enterprise 2.0

Well, I think that it should be for the moment – I hope some of you will find my BLOG and find some use in reading it.


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